Monday, October 18, 2010

We are going home!!


Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers! They worked!!! After five days, we are out of here!


  1. Congrats you guys!!! That was a very touching video:) She is such a beautiful little girl...let us know when you want us to take Katherine and Will.

  2. Yay! Such wonderful news.... I love the viedo :) Charlotte is a very beautiful little girl

  3. This is such wonderful news!!!!! I am so happy for all of you and that tonight you will all be "sleeping" in your own bed. Hopefully you will be able to get some sleep. :)

    This video is so amazing. **tears streaming down my cheeks** When do you find the time? Hugs to you all!

  4. This video is a tearjerker! We are so happy for Charlotte's speedy recovery and so exciting that you all get to be under one roof tonight. :)

  5. Beautiful video, I can't wait to show it to Natalie tomorrow, she is going to love it! So excited that you are home :)

  6. I hope your first night at home went well!

  7. A beautiful video. I have just caught up on all things "Charlotte." Have been with Dad in AZ.
    Your wonderful family comes through loud and clear. No wonder Charlotte is doing so well, surrounded with such love. And Frank and I send ours also.



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