Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretty good night!

Charlotte is down to just her chest tubes, a tad bit of oxygen, and one IV line. Up until this morning she had been eating really well; I tried to nurse her this morning, without success due to the nasal cannula, which ticked her off and now she doesn't want the bottle. Hopefully they can wean her off the oxygen and I can nurse her again in a few hours.

I am anxious for them to pull the chest tubes. I have been told that they are pretty painful every time they move. A nurse yesterday explained it feeling like having a tetnus shot and then moving the needle around inside the muscle. They may come out today, we'll see what they say at rounds.

I slept for 4 continuous hours last night. It is amazing how rested I feel after so little sleep. I think that is more than I have gotten the previous two nights combined, so hopefully we are on an upward trend.

Mike will be over in a bit (hopefully with a LARGE coffee), and after the docs come in this morning I will probably try to go home, shower and spend some time with my older two. I think Kate is taking them to Build-a-Bear today to make a bear for Charlotte. Missy is taking Katherine tonight on their "birthday date" and they may stop by here after shopping. If Charlotte is doing well we may bring Katherine up to see her. Will is going to have to wait a few days though as he has a pretty nasty cough. The nurses have said that when the kids come they can have the Child Life people come and bring activities for them to do, as well as explain anything to them that they may have questions about or be nervous about.

Gotta run, resident just walked in. Have a great Friday everyone, and thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers. She has been doing so well, I am almost afraid to say it out loud because I don't want to jinx it!


  1. I'm so glad you got some sleep last night! Crossing my fingers for the chest tubes to come out, and oxygen so that you can nurse her later. Keep up the good recovery baby girl!

  2. I hope tonight is a good night too and happy to hear you got some sleep! I hope you were able to nurse her later today too.


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