Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't touch my baby!

The title of this blog is pretty rude, and I apologize. I promise, I am not trying to be rude, I am just trying to keep Charlotte healthy.

I have never been a germ freak. When my two older kids were infants, I didn't make a big deal about washing hands before holding them, or staying away from those with colds. As they grew, I became a fan of the "5 second rule" and let them eat food that fell on the floor.  I never used those antibacterial wipes to scrub down the shopping cart before putting my toddler in it. We have been lucky, they have both been really healthy. I can count one on hand the number of times they have been on antibiotics. Maybe I have built up their resistant from all the grime covered goldfish?

Charlotte has changed me. I am a germ freak. It is so important that she does not get sick. At this point, any illness, no matter how insignificant, could delay surgery. After surgery, her immune system will be compromised and any illness could land her back in the hospital.

I apologize to all you who have wanted to hold and snuggle my baby. And to those of you who want to get a good look at her, but all you have seen is her crazy hair peeking out over the top of the baby carrier and occasionally her big eyes. Keeping her in the baby carrier is my way of nicely telling others to keep their hands off.

There will be a time when all of the health issues are behind us and I will be more willing to share baby snuggles. Until then, know that I am not trying to be rude, just trying to do what is best for Charlotte.

Also, I get a lot of questions about what kind of baby carrier I am using. It is called a "baby beco." It is actually Missy's carrier; after she had Sam she became a baby carrier addict and purchased a few different styles. Lucky for me, she has another one she likes for Sam, so I get to use the beco. It is super comfortable (I can wear it for hours and my back doesn't hurt), Charlotte loves being in it, and Mike will even wear it. I highly recommend it--


  1. I am a germaphobe too! I used to tell people to back off in the grocery store. I still tell people "do not touch her hands or face, please!" I also would keep the sanitizer handy at all times when there were new visitors coming. I even pump a drop of sanitizer into my students' hands when they come into my room for speech!

    You are not alone in the germaphobe dept.


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