Sunday, May 26, 2013

Look alikes.

It is crazy how much Jack looks like Will! At times I find myself calling Jack, "Lil' Will." This poor kiddo is never going to know his real name, he went from "the new boy" to being his big brother's look alike!

 photo file_zps954a7a86.jpg

 photo file_zps2aef7a5f.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just keep swimming.

Jack is one week old today. We are adjusting to life with four kids. Mike and I were talking last night and decided this has been one of the loooongest weeks. Things are going alright, but man, we are tired. Four kids, with four different sets of needs including a newborn who only wants mom, and is only content when eating or sleeping and an almost 3-year-old who keeps us on our toes!

But, we are grateful. The stress of pregnancy is behind us. Jack is here, and healthy. We know things will get easier. The older two kids have been awesome, and incredibly helpful. Mike is off for another week and we develop more of a routine with each passing day.

A few pictures from our week....

 photo FB54B42C-6E56-43DC-A704-711F7100D995-18075-0000042347E62B47_zps8bbfa9a7.jpg
1 week old!

 photo 07DBF349-7901-4CC4-A1C8-503B354B1163-18075-0000042356AAA127_zps31b6d4d1.jpg
Our youngest two kiddos like to get up when the sun rises. 

 photo 3A71D0EF-0EFC-498A-B25C-D8988AD99251-18075-000004236262E61C_zpsda29a32a.jpg
We have seen quite a bit of this this week.

 photo 7332FD5B-CB06-4F6D-9ADB-ABAB6DDDE978-18075-00000423843C0863_zpsc6f2087b.jpg
Rocking a cute doggie hat he got from our neighbor. 

 photo E2A32DAC-C5B5-4D4D-92D5-DD7E574A91A0-18075-000004239C763D16_zps66a0abf7.jpg
Katherine comforting Jack while they did a heel prick to check his jaundice level (no worries, all was good!). She is such a little mother to him. 

 photo 262223E1-D956-40A2-945A-07CD5AFF4FBF-18075-00000423AE423338_zpsdccd530f.jpg
My boys. 

Thanks for checking on us, more to come soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The New Boy.

Meet Jack.

 photo file_zps38de3ca5.jpg

Jackson Xavier was born just after midnight on May 1st. A healthy 7 pounds 5 ounces, 20.5 inches long.

 photo file_zps28a9137d.jpg

Labor and delivery was quick, and didn't follow the pattern of my other three. My water broke at home, and I had him three hours later. Jack likes to keep us on our toes.

The older kids are in love with their little brother and fight over who gets to hold him.

 photo file_zps51a1517c.jpg

 photo file_zps0bcb39b5.jpg /

 photo file_zpsf82689e8.jpg

We are adjusting to life at home with four kids. Charlotte, "the tornado," seems to be taking advantage of this, as she is using every opportunity to get into trouble while we are busy with the new little man.

However, life is good. We are happy to have the final piece of family our here.

 photo file_zps854586e8.jpg

More to come in the crazy days ahead.