Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick update

I will have more to update after rounds, but I wanted to pop on quick because I know quite a few people check first thing in the morning.

They are pretty sure her last chest tube will come out this morning! When that comes out, she can hopefully wean off the oxygen and then she will be much more comfortable. After that, she will just have an IV. It is crazy to think that 3 days post-op she looks so good. I haven't tried to nurse her since yesterday morning because it is next to impossible with the chest tube. She is really uncomfortable when we hold her, so we left her in bed yesterday and fed her there. Crossing my fingers that once that dang tube is out, she will be more comfortable and she can nurse again.

We may have Katherine come and visit today. She really misses her sister! Will has a pretty nasty cold/cough so he is going to have a low-key day at home, in hope that he will be able to recover before Charlotte comes home.

No one has given us an exact discharge date yet, but when our cardiologist came up yesterday, she thought maybe early next week if she continues to do so well. After the tube is out, she just has to show that she can eat to gain weight; which they don't think should be a problem since she was eating well before surgery (which isn't true for a lot of babies with heart defects).

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