Thursday, October 14, 2010


Birthday Girl!

Waiting for valet parking after their visit last night.

Sleeping peacefully

Chilling after a bottle


  1. Katherine is doing so well at proud of her little sister being so strong! Charlotte looks great...even with all those lines running around her little body. Hang in there, mommy, don't let that guilt eat at you...your strength is apparent in both Katherine and Will and of course your little fighter, Charlotte. We are so happy things are going as expected!

  2. I love Katherine's birthday crown! How'd our kids get so old? It just seems like yesterday our big girls were the same size as our little girls but look at them now!

    And look at Charlotte.....just chillin. She is so darn cute! I am so greatful that she is alert and that her surgery went well. Please don't let yourself feel guilty, you are an AMAZING mother doing everything and more. All 3 of your kids know how much you love them and they don't doubt you for one second. Katherine is crying when you leave b/c she is old enough to know something is not right and this is her only way of expressing those emotions, not because of anything that you did or didn't do. You are a mother, you are a wife, you are an amazing woman. Don't forget that!

  3. Thanks for sharing some pics, Charlotte looks really, really good....if the tubes were covered up, you would have no idea she even had surgery, she looks so peaceful and adorable!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures! Man, does Katherine look like you! :) Charlotte looks great, Steve even commented as said "she's grown so much, what a strong, little girl!"


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