Sunday, January 29, 2012


I know many are thinking, what the heck have you been up to lately?! Yes, I have been negligent of the blog, only posting a picture or two occasionally, however, as cliche it is, I am going to go ahead and say it...we've been busy.

Charlotte has been doing really well, though the past few weeks, toddlerhood has hit full force and she has turned into trouble. No longer can I sit back and blog while she plays quietly by my feet or flips through a book in her chair.

She loves to climb. The fireplace especially, though this weekend we found out the hard way that she really loves the stairs as well (a short tumble down was our cue that we need to be better about putting up a gate, no worries, she was fine). She has been able to climb both of these things for months now, however, she now seeks them out frequently to explore new places.


And not only does she love to climb, once she is up on the fireplace, she loves to show off her standing skills followed by a few wobbly steps; all completed with a huge grin on her face.


Then, she likes to climb in the woodbox, read a book or two or empty the basket of diapers/wipes that is usually kept there, and toss everything off the end table (computers, cell phones, water bottles, etc.).



Yes, my girl is trouble. Though as much as I would like to be thoroughly annoyed by this, there is a part of me that loves to see her get into trouble, because it reminds me that even though she sports an extra chromosome, she is just as mischievous as all other one and half year-olds.

That, and how can this face ever annoy me?


Have a good week, stay out of trouble.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just because.

I realize blog entries have been sparse this month, and the ones I have posted are just a picture or video, and yet, I am going to continue on that path. Things have been busy around here, and I have been working on updating the blog pages and header this past week. More thought provoking entries to come soon, but until then, here is a picture of my beautiful girl...just because.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

In the news.

Down syndrome has been getting some positive press lately, check it out!

As neat as this is, I gotta say, I long for the day when this isn't news, but rather just accepted as "the norm." I truly feel that some day when a person with Down syndrome becomes homecoming queen, or gets married, or models clothes in a popular department store ad and it doesn't make the news, we will have reached true acceptance, because it will no longer be unusual. I can dream, right?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January in Wisconsin?!?!

I am loving the unseasably warm weather.

Will's footwear choice yesterday:


Katherine has been coming home from school with muddy snowpants and boots,


Even Charlotte longingly looks outside wanting to go and enjoy the 50 degree temps!


Unfortunately, the end is in sight. Snow is coming tomorrow, potentially a whole bunch. Back to reality.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New toy.

Check out what Charlotte's PT let her borrow:


She thinks she is pretty cool when she uses it. It is called a reverse walker, and helps give her stability, while encouraging her to walk without leaning on something.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking a Stand

Usually babies learn to walk before they learn to stand without pulling themselves up on something. Not my girls. Katherine, at an early age became quite fond of standing, months before she learned to walk. Apparently Charlotte is following in her sister's footsteps. Check out her new trick.

Of course, this time around, I am much more aware of how much strength this requires, and I am very impressed by my little girl's new skill.