Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our night

Well, one night down, who knows how many more? Different people tell us different things about the average hospital stay for this type of surgery; anywhere for 3-14 days. Quite the range!

Charlotte had a decent first night. They are staying on top of her morphine. Every three hours you can tell it is starting to wear off because she starts thrashing around and trying to pull out lines. She really hates that nose cannula; they finally had to tape it down. She is also trying her darnest to roll over, though that is probably not the best idea right now. I have had to sit next to her bed and almost hold her down to try and stop her from trying to roll. She is a spunky little thing. Her nurse last night was fantastic, though busy, because her other patient required a lot of care as well.

Unfortunately her chest x-ray showed a collapsed left lung. They were shocked to find this because her O2 stats have been 99-100% since surgery. However, they need to relieve the air from the lung so it can expand again. To do this they are putting in a chest tube as we speak. It will probably have to stay in for a few days. They say the cause is probably injury to the lung from surgery and it should heal fine. 

I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. The pull out "couch" in her room wasn't much more comfortable than the floor, and they were in checking her almost continuously. However, I am thankful to be able to be with her, and my lack of sleep is nothing compared to what my baby is experiencing.


  1. We've been thinking about you and of course praying too! She certainly is a strong little thing, isn't she? thanks for all the updates...the first thing i thought of this morning when i woke up was, "i've got to check the blog!" Hang in there! By the way...what do you have planned for gymnastics on Monday? We would be happy to bring her over with us after school...Is Kate watching the kids all next week? We can move Katherine's car seat on Monday at drop off into my car.

  2. It's amazing that she had plenty of oxygen despite a collapsed lung! That's a true testament to her spunk :) Hope she heals quickly and you are able to be home with her soon.

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  4. I am so glad you got a nap today Emily after not getting much sleep last night and I really hope there are fewer nights in the hospital than expected.


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