Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am a little disappointed in myself lately. I am usually really good about writing thank yous and making sure people know how appreciative we are for gifts, cards, thoughts, etc.

Since Charlotte's birth I have dropped the ball when it comes to writing thank yous. A few minutes ago I realized it has been two weeks since Katherine and Will's birthday party and I haven't even thought about sending out thank you notes.

I can't wait until life returns to "normal." In 5 days the surgery will be behind us, and hopefully I will have time to get back to things that I like and things I find important. Then again, I do have three children, so I may never find this time!

I am off to print off cards to use for Thank yous. I figure I can write them in the hospital to pass the time.  I hope everyone knows how appreciative we are, we are so lucky to have family and friends that care so much for us.

The thank you notes for Katherine and Will's party should get to you by Thanksgiving! Hah!

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