Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blood Donation "date"

Donating blood is so important, and unfortunately not many people (myself included) donate on a regular basis. I have vowed to change that about myself, and hopefully take a few people with me. Missy and I want to donate blood in the next few weeks and make a "date" of it. We plan on leaving the kids home with their dads, donating, and then going to lunch. We are thinking Saturday, November 13th. Anyone interested in joining us? Claim Jumpers for lunch? Morning without kids...sounds relaxing!

If you can't join us that day, I urge you to pick another. It is an easy way to help others and doesn't cost anything. Here is the blood center link, you can make appointments right online:


  1. I made my appointment already!

  2. Emily,
    Would you consider donating blood instead for the annual Blood Center Blood Drive held at Ten Chimneys in honor of Zach and Sam. The blood center runs it and we've had it for the last two years. It is January 5th this year.

    If not, I'm still glad you are donating.


  3. I will join the girls on Saturday and also put January 5th on my calendar to donate in honor of Zach and Sam!

  4. I'll look into the blood donation date. I haven't checked in on the blog in about a week, but I have been thinking of you and your family and praying for Charlotte, and I am so glad to hear that things are going so well (a long road ahead of course, but this is a good start)! Also, would Katherine be interested in going to a fall festival from 6-8 on Wed night at our church? Brady can invite a friend, and I have an extra booster seat. There is a light supper around 6 and then games, art projects, and activities. Let me know :)

  5. Jo,
    I would love to donate in honor of Zach and Sam. I put the 5th on my calendar, and when it gets closer I will blog about it to remind everyone.

    You can donate blood every 56 days, so we may have to move our appointment up a week or so (mom and Missy) so we can do both. I'll look to see when/where there are openings and then we can move them.

    Jessica, I'll let you know about Wednesday, I have to check with Mike because we may have something going on, but not positive yet. Katherine would love to see Brady!

  6. Sounds good Emily :) If Wednesday doesn't work, we can always try for another time as well. It's just hard car seat wise for me to take Will and Katherine.

  7. I will be there donating platelets early on Saturday, November 6th and my next whole blood is on Saturday, December 11th. Let me know if you end up going the 6th, maybe I can join you for lunch!

  8. I wish I could come along, but I donate at our city hall:) They have the Red Cross come there as often as you're allowed to donate, and I go there every time:) I just donated a few weeks ago...

    That is great what you are all doing, it really does help, every donor helps 3 people with the blood from one donation and it is so quick and easy to you usually get free cookies at the end:)

  9. That is awesome that you do that Erin! Good for you!!!


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