Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surgery moved up. It is tomorrow!

Ugh, we got a call this morning saying we had to come right to the hospital for pre-op, that there was a possiblity they would have to do Charlotte's surgery tomorrow(Wednesday) instead of Thursday. Apparently there was a heart transplant last night that threw the schedule off, and there is another baby in the ICU that needs surgery, but isn't ready for it tomorrow. After being told a few different things, they did tell us that the surgery will indeed be tomorrow morning @ 7:30AM.

We went through the pre-op; it took about 4 hours. We had to do blood work, a complete physical, EKG, and chest x-ray, as well as sign all the papers.

We are home now, frantically throwing together an impromtu birthday party for Katherine, since tomorrow is her 5th birthday. I am a bit bummed that this all has to happen on Katherine's birthday, but what will be will be, I guess. Thanks to my aunt and Missy for quickly decorating, wrapping and figuring out a cake and dinner.

Thoughts and prayers for tomorrow please. I am stressed beyond belief, so very nervous. I just pray that everything goes well for my little girl.

I'll update often.


  1. I can't imagine being ready for it on one day and finding out it has been moved up, but I know you guys will make it work. Plus, you get to be done with everything a day earlier! I'm thinking positive thoughts for you guys.

    PS, Tell my BFF Katherine happy birthday :)

  2. I can't imagine having to rush around and be ready for all of this. Tell Katherine we said happy birthday and tell Charlotte that we love her. I'll be thinking of you all and praying hard hard hard!

  3. Mike and Emily,
    Please know that our family will be praying for your entire family.
    Charlotte is God's child and he will be with her tommorow during surgery, and he has sent some pretty sweet angels to help out as well. (Grandma's, Aunt's and Best Friends)
    Keep us updated when you can.

  4. Emily, knowing that Charlotte and Quinn are only a few weeks apart I am filled with such emotion just thinking about what you are going through, especially what it would be like to give up your daughter at this age to the surgeons and let them work their magic. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Be strong!

  5. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family! Please update as soon as you can

  6. Our family also sends our thoughts and prayers. It's great to see the pictures and get the updates of how much progress Charlotte is making - it's a good reminder that she is strong. Thanks for sharing how we can help. Brady would love to have Will and Katherine over to play sometime. And, happy birthday to Katherine as well.
    P.S. glad to hear you like the surgeon, that is already a very positive indicator

  7. I hope you get some sleep tonight and I will be thinking of you tomorrow and checking in for updates, many prayers for Charlotte!

  8. Charlotte will be in our thoughts and prayers. I will be checking all day at work tomorrow for updates. Little Charlotte will rock this, I can feel it! :) I can't help but feel that her Great-Grandpa will be looking down on her and helping her through her recovery.


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