Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charlotte's big sister

Katherine is completely in love with Charlotte. I have yet to see a time when she has shown any sort of jealousy or anger towards her sister(I am sure that will come though). It often brings tears to my eyes to listen to her comments or watch her interact with Charlotte. When we found out about Charlotte's Down syndrome, one of my worries was how this would effect her relationship with her siblings. I no longer have any worries. I obviously can't see the future, but truly feel it will all be okay.
Sister love

Katherine's 5th birthday is the day that Charlotte's heart will be fixed. It kills me to think that I probably won't see my little girl on her birthday. Obviously we didn't have a choice, and I know that Katherine will be fine, but it still hurts. Thank you to all of you that are making Katherine's day special tomorrow when I can't.

Five years ago I was just beginning labor with my little girl. It is amazing how much has happened in those five short years.

Happy 5th birthday baby, mommy loves you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Katherine- I love you so much!

  2. Happy Birthday Katherine, such a beautiful young lady and her relationship with Charlotte is so incredible already, Katherine is going to do AMAZING things in her life Emily!

  3. Emily - we are thinking about you and baby Charlotte today. Maybe we can help over the next few days and have Will and Katherine over. The kids are asking about Charlotte. We are thinking of you...Love, Andrew, Christine, Drew, and MaryAnn.

  4. Happy Birthday, Katherine!

  5. It is so cool to see how she changes each year, prettier and prettier:) Katherine is such a sweet little girl! We are thinking of you guys today every second...our thoughts are with you.


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