Friday, October 22, 2010

No more cardiologist until April!

We had Charlotte's post-op cardiologist visit this morning. Everything looks pretty good. Her chest x-ray was clear, she has just a slight murmer (which will most likely always be there), and she no longer needs to take any cardiac meds. The only concerning thing is some very minor leakage from the two new valves. We knew that this was a possibility and is pretty common. They will keep an eye on it, and if they leakage gets worse she may have to go on blood pressure medication in the future for maintence. There is also a very real possiblity that she may need further valve repairs and/or replacement later in life, but we are hoping that isn't until at least her teen years. The cardiologist said that there are kids that have minor leakage after surgery and it never gets worse and no further surgery is necessary. It is just a wait and see.

We got back in April for another ECHO and EKG. We have to be pretty careful that she doesn't get sick during the next 6 weeks, but other than that she really doesn't have any restrictions. Yay!!

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