Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinner time antics

I have gotten word that a few blog followers are in need of an updated blog post. I have a few in the works, just haven't finished them. But, I thought I would share some of our dinner time entertainment with you. Katherine & Will think she is an absolute riot, and most every night involves Charlotte "performing" all of her tricks for them. It is pretty cute.

Friday, February 8, 2013

iPhone Photo Friday

Some pics from my phone this week (which accounts for the poor quality!):

 photo F1810E87-A03C-441C-BC36-8474D0F80100-21602-000005327366616F_zpsb2a36eb9.jpg
Headed to MN to surprise Grandma Jill for her 60th birthday!

 photo D52B2C60-AE5C-485D-AE42-1297809217BB-21602-0000053256E38C45_zps18e07a81.jpg
Swimming with daddy at the hotel pool.

 photo 4E1A66E0-C02C-467B-8F1F-8E94EC407938-21602-000005323F1223A7_zps7d75b358.jpg
American girl doll ear piercing (yes, something that crazy does exist!)

 photo 6FE744D0-A648-4A7F-B38E-9F57F531F079-21602-000005321E4F3C4E_zpsb585b80e.jpg

 photo CAE97674-1590-45BE-A0C3-88B4ACB3DC27-21602-00000532043290AC_zps749d7553.jpg
Trying to get the little girl to sleep at the hotel was quite the feat.

 photo 8EBDFE41-1595-4CEA-9892-90C04314CA40-21602-00000531D05C8659_zps17973033.jpg

 photo 5AAED631-FF28-48D4-AD08-63E65B50E830-21602-00000531C0035725_zps1124d61e.jpg

 photo 82CE4D28-AEFD-4268-9895-405571BE4828-21602-00000531ADA255B1_zps54ddc415.jpg
She thought it would look better as an off the shoulder shirt.

 photo A81D9B82-4452-463F-B7A0-BF2BFD4F41B5-21602-0000053196F8CA02_zps13a95313.jpg
Blowing kisses.