Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Took her back at 7:30

They took her back almost exactly on time. Saying goodbye to her was probably the hardest thing I have done in my entire life. Mike and I are now sitting in the surgery waiting room with many other teary parents waiting for updates on their children. While sitting in the holding area before they took her back to the OR, I just kept thinking about all the kids Katherine and Will's age that were around us, and how I am so thankful that Charlotte is young enough to not know what is going on, and will not remember this day.

We had to be here at 6 this morning. Missy came to our house around 5:15 to stay with Katherine and Will and take them to school today. I am so glad she is able to take my place right now and make sure all is well with K & W. It is nice not having to worry about them at all. Thanks, Mis.

Charlotte couldn't eat after 1:30AM, so we woke her up to feed her since she usually sleeps through the night. She was a little hungry this morning, but still in good spirits even though we woke her up. We spent an hour waiting around, I bounced her in the baby carrier to help distract her from her hunger, and she took a little snooze. Thank goodness for that dang baby carrier.

The anesthesiologist came and went over exactly what he is going to do, and then his fellow carried her to the OR. First update is about 9AM from the nurse. They will update about every hour. They are hoping around 9 that they will have all the lines in and be ready to start, but it may take longer if it is hard to get lines in.

We are overwhelmed with all the messages, emails, status updates, comments, thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Charlotte (and us) are very, very lucky.

Off to finish pumping...I feel like this is the only thing I can do to help my baby at this point. I look forward to holding her in my arms and being able to nurse her again.
She even looks cute in a hospital gown!


  1. She looks so adorable. I have been in and out of church all day, the quiet and peace where I could just concentrate on this beautiful baby.
    Thank you for all the updates. I will go to sleep tonight with prayers for Charlotte.



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