Thursday, October 6, 2011

21 facts about Charlotte

I frequently visit a Down syndrome message board off of "Baby Center" website. I find it incredibly valuable to be able to "talk" with others in the same situation. I have learned so much from these moms, and feel lucky to be able to ask questions when needed. On this board, one of the moms suggested listing "21 facts" about our child as a part of the 31 for 21 blogging efforts.


So, here is goes...these are all from Charlotte's prospective:

1) I am an incredibly easy-going baby who rarely cries.

2) I am a fantastic eater. I like just about everything, with the exception of some meats. Maybe I will be a vegetarian like my mom someday?

3) I don't like going to bed at night. I still don't put myself to sleep and prefer to be nursed or rocked to sleep. Bad, I know, but as long as I have my parents wrapped around my finger, I am going to keep on insisting they do this for me.

4) I am the only one of my siblings who has been and still is a mama's girl. It may be because I still really like nursing and she is the only one that can help me with that. Mom doesn't seem to mind.

5) I don't speak any words, but I talk all the time. Just like my siblings.

6) I like ice cream. A lot.

7) I give the best hugs. And kisses.

8) When I see a camera, I crazy faces or noises needed to get me to pose!

9) I tend to push my older sister away when I see her coming at me; I know she is going to squeeze me really, really hard, and while she means well, it is annoying.

10) I LOVE baths. In fact, I love water in general. Pool water, bath water, dog water. It is all the same to me. I have been trying to get to that toilet water, but so far I haven't been fast enough. Soon though, soon.

11) Lately I have been a night owl. Thank goodness daddy is too.

12) I have an incredibly high pain tolerance. Some say it is because of my low tone. Whatever. I think it is because I have been through more uncomfortable situations in the first year of my life then most go through in a life time.

13) You know what low tone does do for me? Makes me very, very flexible. Most people are very jealous of my flexibility. Though, my PT doesn't really like it :-).

14) Some call me stubborn. I can walk with a walker and stand on my own, but I prefer to crawl because it is faster. I call this smart.

15) I like to color. Crayons, markers, or sidewalk chalk; I'm not picky. Chalk tastes the best though.

16) When people sing songs, I stare at them. Not really sure what to think of all those crazy people.

17) I may not talk, but I understand a lot. I know who Mommy, Daddy, Katherine, Will, and Sophie are. Ask me if I want to eat, if I want milk, or if I want more and I will show you that I do.

18) My favorite toys: remotes, cell phones, cords, the DVD player, my brother's matchbox cars, and my sister's beloved pink monkey. Pretty much anything I am not supposed to have.

19) When I have something I am not supposed to, I do a quick 180 degree turn when someone tries to take it from me. Some call this sassy, I, again, call this smart.

20) Sophie is my best friend. Probably because I make sure she is well fed. She always sits under my chair at mealtime and I slip her the stuff I don't like (see #2).

21) I have an extra 21st chromosome, but frankly I'm not much different than other kiddos my age. Well, except for I have an incredibly infectious smile that makes everyone else smile in return.



  1. Thanks for sharing Charlotte! So great!!

  2. I love that you posted this from Charlotte's point of view. She really does give the BEST hugs and kisses!


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