Monday, October 10, 2011

31 for 21 Factoid: Part II

30-50% of babies born with Down syndrome also have a heart defect. The good news is that many of the defects do not need to be repaired, and the ones that do have a very high success rate.

Charlotte's heart defect, Complete Atrioventricular Canal, is one of the most common heart defects found in babies with Down syndrome.  I am not going to lie, one of the hardest things I have ever done was hand my 4-month old over to endure open heart surgery. However, I am so very thankful that we live in a time where it was possible to repair her heart.

A year ago, I was enduring some of the hardest days of my life; the days leading up to Charlotte's surgery. Those reading this whose child may be facing a surgery in the near future, know that the anticipation is the hardest part. Hang in there.


What is a factoid post without a cute pic of my girl? Or in this case, both my girls. This is from a birthday party this weekend.



  1. Just like those awful first days of learning about Fiona's diagnosis, I barely remember how awful and anxious those first five months were of waiting for her surgery. Jan 7 is our one year heart anniversary, and it feels like it was ages ago. Crazy to think, that when I was born, my daughters condition wasn't repairable. So blessed she was born in the our medical advanced age.

  2. It is crazy how time really does heal all wounds? I agree, I am sure those days were a lot worse than I even remember.


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