Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21 Factoid: Part III

I took this from the National Down Syndrome Society Website:

Myth: People with Down syndrome are always happy.
Truth: People with Down syndrome have feelings just like everyone else in the population. They experience the full range of emotions. They respond to positive expressions of friendship and they are hurt and upset by inconsiderate behavior. 

BIG pet peeve of mine is when someone assumes all people with Down syndrome are happy all the time. Though most mean well, by making this assumption, I, as a parent of a child with DS,  hear "my child isn't capable of feeling a full range of emotions." 

Just. Not. True. 

One thing I know for sure, Charlotte has shown me during the past 16 months that she is not happy all the time. Yes, she is a very good baby. Yes, she is very laid back. Yes, she is usually smiley and very social. However, so was Will and he only has 46 chromosomes. They both have/had their moments of anger. They are both human and both capable of feeling a full range of emotions. In this case, chromosome count doesn't matter. 


Apparently an extra chromosome doesn't stop Charlotte from finding trouble either. Rearranging Tupperware is so much more fun than playing with her own toys.


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