Monday, October 31, 2011

We did it.

31 posts in 31 days. Done.  If you are still reading, thank you.

It is my hope that this month I have spread a little awareness by dispelling some of the myths about Down syndrome, as well as illustrating how "normal" life is raising a child with an extra chromosome.

We are incredibly blessed to have this little girl in our lives, and I love sharing her with you.


It is hard to believe tomorrow is the first of November. I hate to say it, but soon snow will be flying around here, and the holidays will be upon us. I will no longer be blogging daily, however, with so many fun things on the horizon, be sure to check back for Charlotte updates.

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  1. Thank you Emily for blogging every day in October. I looked forward to reading your blog each day and the pictures of Katherine, Will and Charlotte definitely made my day better!


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