Thursday, October 10, 2013

What do I do all day?

This morning, I read this blog post someone had shared on facebook:

I thought the post was well written and had some great points. All day long I found myself thinking about it; are there really people out there that wonder what stay-at-home parents do all day long?! If so, this post is for them.


Today, I started my day at 5AM. Charlotte got up and was at my bedside requesting a refill on her water cup, and ended up waking up Jack in the process. After getting Charlotte back in bed and nursing the baby, I dozed on and off for a bit before rolling out of bed at 6:45. Woke up both the older kids, and happy to see that very under-the-weather Charlotte and Mike were still sleeping.

Didn't have time to shower, as I slept later than I intended to, but that happens a lot lately, as Jack averages 3-4 nightly wake-ups. I came downstairs, and tried to convince the older two to take hot lunch so I wouldn't have to take the time to make their lunches. Katherine jumped on board, which usually means Will will soon follow suit, but not today. Quickly throw together a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt tube, and oranges (only to know most of it will come home uneaten because my 6 year-old has not yet figured out how to eat in a 20-minute time slot). Will requests scrambled eggs for breakfast, which I promised I would make because when he asked yesterday, Jack needed to be fed and it was faster to give them a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I hear Mike waking up, and getting ready for work even though he feels absolutely awful, thanks to the illness Charlotte has brought home.

Finish getting the big kids ready for school and walk them down the street and around the corner to the bus stop; run back to find Charlotte up and absolutely miserable. I had already called her in sick to school, as her fever was still around last night and I knew she wouldn't be able to go. Spent an hour consoling her, trying to figure out if I should take her to the pediatrician or not. I had a hunch that she had hand, foot, and mouth disease based on the sores in her mouth & fever, but with Charlotte, I always like to error on the side of caution and check to make sure. Off to the pediatrician we went. Jack in the baby carrier, Charlotte in the stroller and a half hour later, suspicions were confirmed. Hand, foot, and mouth it is....ugh, what an awful illness, and nothing you can do for it. She is absolutely miserable, as is Mike, who has the same thing.

Picked up the house a little and cringed at the baskets full of clean laundry that had been waiting to be put away since Monday, but they would have to wait a bit longer. My two sickos took a nap together this afternoon, which happened to overlap with Jack's nap for a good hour. A whole hour to myself. Guess what I did? Finally got around to taking a shower, as I had the kids parent/teacher conferences in a few hours and I figured it would be better to go not smelling like baby spit-up.

Kids come home from school. Snacks, homework, and getting ready for evening activities which include soccer for Will and a special shopping date for Katherine with Aunt Kate (they were looking for a craft to do at Katherine's sleepover birthday party this weekend). Wake Jack up from a nap, nurse him quick and hop in the car. Spend 15 minutes talking to each of the older kid's teachers before racing back home, grabbing Katherine & Will and heading to soccer. Kate meets us there and takes Katherine, and Jack & I stay for the soccer game. After the game, get McDonalds for dinner for Will (don't judge, it doesn't happen often, but I am not perfect) and a shake for the two ailing family members.

Home, showers, and older kids bed. Wrestle Charlotte for the 4th time today to get medicine in her. Put her to bed. Nurse the baby. Put him to bed.

Finally, silence.


I wouldn't trade this life for anything. I am never bored, and at times the stress is crazy. But it is all worth it.

Gotta go, Jack is crying. Ugh. So much for silence. Do me a favor? Never ask a stay-at-home parent what they do all day long. It's insulting.

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