Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inclusion...done right.

I am am whole hearted supporter of inclusion...done right. Inclusion in the special ed world is a huge buzz word these days. It is a word that can mean many different things depending on the ideas of the person using the word. An older post (pretty sure I have shared this before) on one of my favorite blogs encompasses so much of what I feel about inclusion; you can read it here.

We pushed for Charlotte to be in a typical preschool. We wanted her in a class with typical peers, some whom she will someday go to elementary school with. We believe this is the best choice for Charlotte, and for her peers. Inclusion is not just beneficial for children with special needs, it is beneficial to ALL kids. It teaches acceptance, tolerance, and appreciation of difference.

This video has some good information about Down syndrome and inclusion. I particularly liked the teacher interviewed at the end.

I am incredibly grateful we made the choice we did. Charlotte is in a good spot, with wonderful teachers and peers who are flexible and accepting.

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