Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Grinding Years.

A wise man once told me (and continues to tell me) that ages 30-50 are the grinding years. Meaning that during this time of your life you work the hardest and play the least. Not to say that you don't enjoy life, but at times responsibilities may seem incredibly overwhelming.

When I complain to this wise man about the craziness of this life we lead, he often responds with, "You just got to grind it out, it will get easier."

I know he is right, and I try not to wish time away in order to get to an easier spot. I have talked often about how hard the past 6 months have been; though I don't want to overshadow the fact that even though it has been hard, it is worth every sleepless night and minute I devote to raising my children.

Today I blew off my entire to-do list. The laundry I started last night still sits in the washing machine and will need to be run through again tomorrow morning. I have work emails piling up, messages to respond to, and there is more toothpaste on the kid's bathroom mirror then there is in the tube. Nothing got done today. No grinding for me.

Kate and I bummed around the mall while Charlotte was at school this morning. We picked up Panera for lunch. I spent the afternoon watching "The Chew" and holding Jack while he slept, rather than putting him down for a nap and doing the above mentioned laundry. With the exception of taking Katherine to her piano lesson, I really didn't attend to any of my regular responsibilities. Mike made dinner while I was gone at piano, and when I returned, I quickly gathered up Jack and went and to meet my mom and aunt for dinner. While the conversation wasn't exactly uplifting, it was nice to have a change of pace from regular activities.

Tomorrow I go back to grinding. We all deserves a break every now and then.

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