Friday, October 11, 2013


This is my second time I have parented a child suffering from hand, foot, & mouth. Last time it was Katherine and she was 2. My thoughts about the freakin' disease haven't changed. It SUCKS. In my opinion, one of the worst common childhood illness a kiddo can have, as those mouth sores are awful.

Clingy, cranky, refusing to eat, and wrestling her to take any medicine. Sound like fun?

Ice cream for breakfast anyone?!
We acquired a new bed yesterday for our upcoming bedroom shuffle, and the mattress didn't quite make it upstairs yet. It has proved to be the perfect sick bed. Added bonus? Soph thinks it is a kick butt dog bed. 

Missy convinced me to get out and go for a walk this morning. I figured it would do us all some good to get some fresh air. I didn't think Charlotte would be up for the park, but would be happy hanging out in the stroller. She surprised me and insisted on playing for a bit. This was the longest she went with out whining and whimpering all day. 

Her diet today has consisted of mostly ice cream. She really wanted to eat muffins, and tried, but she would take a bite and then put it down realizing how much it hurt. Notice the nice line up of muffins on our living room carpet? You can tell she doesn't feel good as she would never get away with eating in front of the tv!

Thankfully Mike took pity on me and offered to have me take the older two kids out to dinner and to get party supplies for Katherine's upcoming birthday. I needed some time out of the house and was thankful for some time to catch up with my big kids.

By the time we got homeeee, Charlotte seemed to be feeling much better. She ate a banana before bed and was in a much better mood. She hasn't had a fever for a few days, and hopefully her increased appetite means the sores are feeling better.

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