Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Update

This is going to be quick, as I am in the midst of an awesome "me" night. Boys are at the Bucks game, girls are in bed, and I am in the middle of a pretty awful, yet mindless romantic comedy. However, I did want to share a few things.

Biggest accomplishment of today:
Charlotte learned how to use a straw cup! I finally found a straw cup with handles, and it took her about two minutes to figure it out. It is important for babies with DS to use a straw cup over a traditional sippy cup because it helps develop their oral tone, which in turn helps with things like speech. Once again, Charlotte proves that she is a rock star.

Biggest disappointment of the day:
The battery charger for the camera came in the mail. It was the wrong one. I screwed up. Damn.

Best purchase of the day:
These adorably cute, matching hats for the girls. And of course, an apology once again for the crappy cell phone pictures.


  1. Adorable! Fun posts (though at your expense... regarding the up and wrapping bit)

  2. I love the hats. Saw one similar I was going to get Lauren, but she'd never keep in on her head! Glad you got a "me" night! And YAY Charlotte for the straw cup...she IS a rock star!!

  3. Love the hats!! Where did you find them?

    And Yeah for the straw!!! Gotta love the good OM strength that girl has---she is rockin the speech therapy!! :)

  4. Hi,
    Playing catch-up once again. The pics are great. Love those hats. Enjoyed the whipping cream feast, and how awesome the healing.

    Hope that house goes!



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