Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Who would have thought that once Charlotte's cast came off, surgery recovery would get harder?!?

It is next to impossible to keep a bandage on Charlotte's hand/arm. We have tried it all; tape, extra layers of ace wrap, a glove, baby leg on the arm....

This morning, after getting up at 5AM to re-wrap her arm yet again (the dang thing comes off all the time while she sleeps, and then she wakes up screaming), I headed to my aunt's with the kids so she could help me figure out how the heck to keep this dang thing on her arm.

The solution? A onsie with a babyleg (for those in the dark about babylegs, they are basically baby leg warmers; super cute!) attached to it with velcro (with the gauze wrapping underneath of course!). She also had to put velcro on the opposite end in order to keep it from sliding down. 

 So far so good. I'll let you know how tonight goes. Fingers crossed for a good night's sleep.

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