Saturday, April 2, 2011

David Copperfield

"And this must be David Copperfield?" ...were the words spoken by the on-call Plastic Surgeon in the ER at Children's Hospital today. Why? Because little Ms. Charlotte decided to wriggle her way out of her full-arm plaster cast during lunch.

Let me back up for a minute. We had quite the crazy morning; started bright and early with a whirlwind house cleaning in an attempt to get ready for a showing. The five of us, plus Soph, headed out the door just before ten to the older kid's last swimming lesson. After swimming, we dropped Katherine off with Christine and MaryAnn for a playdate, and headed to Emperor's Kitchen for a quick lunch with the younger two.

Charlotte loves Chinese food. Rice, little bits of noodles, peapods, and her first saltine cracker. Doesn't get much better than that.

Soon after our food came, I looked over and noticed I could see Charlotte's elbow. Upon closer inspection I saw her cast was almost completely off and sitting next to her in the highchair.  We have no idea how she managed to get it off, but this started a whirlwind of activity; calling the doctor, boxing up and paying for lunch, packing up both kids and heading to the car, all well holding onto Charlotte's hand so she wouldn't put it in her mouth or play with the stitches. 

The on-call doc was most concerned about her skin graft. It is really important that it adheres to her fingers before being "messed" with. Fortunately, once in the ER, we found out all was well, and instead of putting on another cast that she would probably get out of again, he wrapped it with a few layers of gauze and a stretchy bandage. Amazingly, we were in and out of the ER in about an hour. 

Once home, I put Charlotte on the floor to play while I heated up the lunch I hadn't had a chance to eat earlier. Within five minutes, she had gotten her new bandage off. Luckily this time we were prepared with lots of new supplies, and were able to wrap her up a bit tighter and a bit higher up on her arm. So far so good,  as she is now snug in her bed, bandage and all. We are scheduled to see the Plastic Surgeon on Monday; I am not sure how long we will need to keep her hand bandaged. Fingers crossed that it heals quickly because I know she wants nothing more than to suck on those fingers again! 

A couple other unrelated tidbits....first, we have had a couple of really good showings in the past few days. Two different parties have expressed interest in our house, fingers crossed that they put in a good offer! Also, tomorrow I plan to tear the house apart looking for that dang camera battery charger, as I realize these posts aren't nearly as nice without good pictures of my girl! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. HAHA that is so funny, can't believe that little wiggle worm figured out how to sneakily get out of that cast:)

  2. Never a dull moment at your house lately! Glad it all worked out and hope your appointment today goes well.


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