Thursday, April 21, 2011

March of Dimes

Just 6 days before Charlotte was born, her best buddy, Max, came into this world....eight weeks too soon. Because of his prematurity, Max has had to overcome many obstacles during the past ten months. However, because of medical technology, he is now a healthy, thriving, handsome little man.

On April 30th, I am walking as a part of "Petrie's Blessings" in the March of Dimes walk. Max's parents, our good friends and neighbors, have organized the team not just for Max, but of his older brother Nick, who was also premature.

Every day, thousands are babies, like Max and Nick, are born premature.  Continued research helps to ensure that babies born premature get the best start possible. If you can, consider donating or walking with us on April 30th.

Max and Charlotte snoozing last summer.

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