Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good day.

Today was a good, actually great, day. Why, you may ask? Three reasons....

First, as it turns out, the camera battery charger I ordered does in fact work, I just couldn't figure it out a few days ago...whoops!! Anyway, we are back in business! No more grainy cell phone pictures.

The second reason for this great day; Katherine came running into the kitchen this morning as I was making breakfast, urging me to come quick and see what Charlotte was doing. "Mom!" she said, "Charlotte is sitting and I didn't even touch her!" Yes, my friends, Charlotte can now go from her belly/hands & knees to a sitting position. I am so proud of my little peanut.

Finally, to finish off this great day, the realtor called to schedule a second showing for tomorrow night; someone who has been through the house before and needs to see it one more time. Fingers crossed that something comes out of this; I am kind of sick of cleaning my house!

A few additional things to catch up on...these pictures were on camera the day is died and I never got to post them. Katherine and Will were super excited to sign Charlotte's cast.

Charlotte's hand is healing nicely. We no longer have to bandage it, however, because it is impossible to keep her hand out of her mouth, we do still have to keep her sock contraption on to prevent her from sucking on it.

**I just want to point out what an awesome "healer" Charlotte is; notice how you can barely see her heart surgery scar? Every doctor we see comments on how good her scar looks, not that it matters to us, the important thing is the healthy heart underneath that scar, however it amazes me that it looks so good. **
One last thing before I hit "post" and head to bed (up with the birds to start the cleaning marathon while entertaining four kiddos...), notice the book Katherine has chosen to read....


  1. I am so proud of Miss Charlotte! She is a rock star.

  2. Good luck with the house showing!!! And go Charlotte with sitting and healing:) We love her very much!

  3. such great things going on in your house!!

  4. Nothing’s better than seeing your baby happily smiling every day, am I right? It was a relief that your camera battery charger was working! Now, you can take more pictures and post it in your blog! I hope Katherine is fine now and that the wounds have already healed.

    -Lakendra Wiltse


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