Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3rd child

It is true (at least for me), the more children you have, the more lax you become. Tonight after dinner, we made ice cream sundaes for dessert. Charlotte got to experience a little sweetness as well...

Yep, that is what you think it is. A big, whipped cream "C" on her high chair tray. 

Despite being pretty tired tonight, she thought it was pretty awesome.

I rationalized it by reminding myself that the PT recommended letting Charlotte "play" in baby food, whipped cream, or pudding in order to "desensitize" her before surgery. Of course, her surgery was last week, so we are a little late on this one. 

Oh well, my third child thoroughly enjoyed her treat. Five years ago, I never would have dreamed giving Katherine a tray full of whipped cream!

Another apology for the quality of the pics; once again they are cell phone pictures. I broke down and bought a new battery charger for our other camera, I figured it was easier than digging through a huge storage shed only to discover it may not even be there. 

We are hoping for a good night's sleep once again. From the pictures, you can probably tell sleep hasn't been a priority for my almost 10-month old lately. 


  1. She sure looks tired! Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep!!

  2. I have to laugh because our 3rd child is the same way. I would've never dreamt of giving Gracie the same things I give Katie! I remember when Matthew was born--Gracie was almost 2 1/2 and Heather had her while I was in the hospital. Heather took her for fast food and she had chicken nuggets and french fries. I was livid! Katie, well one of her first "real" foods was to suck on a fast food french fry and now at 13 months, she LOVES chicken nuggets from McDonald's. :) And, she had her 3rd trip to Chuckie Cheest last weekend. Again, Gracie was invited there for a birthday party in 4K and I had to ask the parent what it was. Yes, I think we all get a little more relaxed the more parenting we do. I can also understand my own mother a little better as well. I am the oldest of three myself. :)


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