Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeling out of the loop?

I realize I haven't done an official "Charlotte update" in awhile. I only have about 15 minutes before kids start waking up from naps, so I am going to make this concise!

Health: Charlotte is doing fantastic health-wise. She had her 15-month old well-check a few weeks ago and everything was perfect. She is growing well (she is taller and weighs more than her older sister did at this age!), and the pediatrician didn't have any concerns. Such a complete 180 from this time last year! In August she visited the ENT for a hearing test (which she passed with flying colors) as well as the Developmental pediatrician.

Gross/Fine Motor Skills: We are switching it up a bit with her therapy. Since birth, Charlotte had been receiving once a month PT through our county's birth to three program. At this point, even though Charlotte is doing really well, we felt as if we needed a bit more to give her that added push in order to keep progressing her skills. Starting this week, she will now receive PT and OT once a week. She is getting close to walking, though it will probably be a few more months. She is master-crawler and is becoming very good at getting into trouble. She likes to walk along furniture and tackle her brother and sister.

Speech: Charlotte doesn't have any words yet, though loves to babble constantly. Her favorite syllables seem to be "dada" and "baba", with "mama" only thrown in when she is really mad. She has a good understanding of reciprocal speech and will hold a conversation with you; she even changes the intonation of her voice as one would in an actual conversation. Pretty dang cute. We are working on signs (right now "milk", "more", "all done", "eat"), which she understands, but has yet to imitate or initiate. She also starts once a week Speech therapy this week which I am very excited about. I really feel she is on the verge of really "getting" how language works and I look forward to watching this develop!

Extra-Curriculars: Every Monday Charlotte and I have swimming lessons as well as adaptive gymnastics on Thursdays. She LOVES swimming. She squeals from the time she sees her swimsuit come out of the bag in the locker room until we are done with lessons. Gymnastics is a big playtime for kids a a bit of a social hour for the moms...both good things in my opinion! The best part of both swimming and gymnastics is Max, our old neighbor, is also in the classes. I love having the chance to see Melissa and Max every week.

In a nutshell, Charlotte is great. Happy, healthy, and an absolute joy to be with. Last year at this time we were preparing for open heart surgery; this year, we are enjoying our new house, our new routine, and all the fun activities that fall brings!

Pictures to come soon!

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  1. It is great to see how well Charlotte is doing. I especially love the speech part (ahh, side effect of the job, I guess!). That is so great she is babbling, understanding language, and using that rising intonation in your conversations with her. What amazing progress! That is awesome that she is starting s/l services through B-3...can't wait to hear about her 1st word, which I bet isn't that far away. Way to go, Charlotte!


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