Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not a fan.

Charlotte had her first dentist appointment on Friday. We go to a pediatric dentist, and my older two kiddos absolutely adore going. Katherine and Will were about two years-old when they had their first cleaning, and I figured it was probably a good idea to start Charlotte early as well.

Charlotte was NOT a fan. The dentist was fantastic, the entire exam took less than five minutes, and she was able to lay in my lap as they checked out and cleaned her teeth (all six of them! hah!). She screamed the entire time, but was immediately quiet when she sat back up and the dentist left the room to go find her a prize. The dentist returned with a squeaky plastic fish, which Charlotte grabbed, examined, and then threw back at the dentist. I guess the girl knows how to hold a grudge!

My plan was to take some pictures of Charlotte at the dentist, however, between her crazy appointment and my older two also getting their teeth cleaned I didn't really have a chance!

In other dental news, Katherine had to have a tooth pulled (or "wiggled out" as the pediatric dentists calls it), as her first permanent tooth was coming in behind the baby tooth. She did awesome, and was super excited to come home with a pink treasure box holding her tooth. However, because our lives are never drama-free, an hour after we got home she was showing the neighbor girl her tooth while playing outside and dropped it in the sandbox. After an hour of looking for it by flashlight and lots of convincing that it would be okay, we decided to leave the tooth fairy a note. Luckily, the tooth fairy was still good to her.

I apologize for the lack of Charlotte pictures, however I have a camera full from this weekend's events and promise a picture-filled post early this week. Instead, here are a few pictures of my eldest showing off the space in her mouth!



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  1. Oh my! That tooth will stay with you guys forever! Funny :)


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