Monday, October 8, 2012

A Down syndrome break.

Hello all!

To answer a few recent questions from my readers...

Yes, I realize it is Down syndrome awareness month. No, I am not doing the 31 for 21 blog challenge this year. Why? I am on a self-imposed Down syndrome break. For the past 26 months I have immersed myself into blogs, message boards, informational books and websites as well as the local Down syndrome community in an attempt to wrap my head around my daughter's diagnosis. I spent sometimes hours each night reading, learning, and planning out ways I could best help my daughter. And guess what? I am burnt out.

Please know this; I am NOT on a Charlotte break. I love my daughter with all my heart, and will continue to do everything in my power to provide her with all she needs to succeed. However, I am taking the advice of a friend. No more reading blogs and message boards for hours each night for awhile, instead ticking off some of those things that have been on my to-do list forever (like the kid's yearly photo books...I got to year 2 for Katherine and that's it..which means I have about ten to do!) and maybe picking up a new hobby or two?

Don't get me wrong, Down syndrome awareness is very, very important to me. However, I long for a day when "Down syndrome awareness month" doesn't have to exist, because Down syndrome will be accepted by society. Having an extra chromosome won't mean battling stereotype after stereotype, but instead be "okay." A mom can dream, right? (Disclaimer: I do realize that in order to get to this place, we need to spread awareness/knowledge, which is what DS awareness month does. Remember how I like to live on a optimistic cloud sometimes?). That dang fine line of "hey, I want my kid to be treated like every other typical kid" and the "hey, look at my kid, she's special--please donate money/time so I can make everyone aware of that"...I struggle with this one a lot, but that is a whole different post for when I am no longer on my DS break.

Because I am not on a Charlotte break, here is what she has been up to lately....looks like a whole lot of typical 2-year-old stuff if you ask me:

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Playing ball with my brother. 

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Testing out her new potty. Charlotte signed "amazing" when she sat on it (those Potty Times friends with understand this one). 

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Watching Will's soccer game. 

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Shopping with mom (and enjoying her new favorite snack...don't try to cut it up though!). 

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Welcome to fall in Wisconsin! Bring on the 40 degree days. Brrr. 

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Sandbox fun on a windy, cool,  fall day. 

Thanks for sticking with me even though blog posts have been few and far between. I am not a blog writing break; I will be back to update about my girl. A Charlotte update written by Charlotte, as well as another party post, and a 2nd heart day/7th birthday post to come.

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