Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day

Today, 3/21, is World Down Syndrome Day. The date, 3/21, represents the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome which makes Charlotte and people with Down syndrome all over the world a little bit different than those of us with only two of the 21st chromosome.

9 months ago, our daughter came into our lives and changed our world. And though her bonus chromosome knocked us off kilter for a bit, Charlotte reminds us daily that life is so much more than one's genetic make-up.

I have spent the past 9 months immersing myself in books, blogs, message boards, and any information I can get my hands on, in order to make my daughter's life as easy as possible for her. And while I am still relatively new to this journey, I know that Charlotte has and will continue to make me a better person.

World Down Syndrome Day is about acceptance and improving the lives of those with Down syndrome. I have found the first step to acceptance is knowledge. So today, I am asking you to take just a few minutes and educate yourself about Down syndrome.

I want for Charlotte the same things that I want for Katherine and Will. To be happy. To be loved. To be accepted for who they are and who they want to be. I would never tell my older kids that they can't achieve something, because I truly believe they will be able to accomplish whatever they dream. The same holds true for Charlotte. Dream, baby girl, dream, because you can and will do it.

I have listed a few links to good, up-to-date information about Down syndrome. Like most things, there is a lot of outdated misinformation floating around on the web. You might be surprised that many of your perceptions of people with Down syndrome may be wrong ;-).

Myths and Truths about Down sydrome
Down syndrome facts

Wisconsin Upside Down (local DS group)

World Down Syndrome Day

Happy Monday everyone, and feel free to spread the knowledge!


  1. Wow, you made me cry today. Beautifully said Em!

  2. I'm glad Missy cried because then I know I am not alone. :)

  3. Thanks for the message on the BBC board! I cannot get over how gorgeous Charlotte is.

  4. I have tears....Thanks for listing those websites. I am always looking for up-to-date websites that I can give parents and others who are looking for information.

  5. tears welling up soon, thanks for the links and for all the beautiful pics of Charlotte!


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