Friday, March 25, 2011

Random thoughts

I downloaded the past few days of pictures onto the computer tonight. There were a couple cute ones, that are in no way related to each other, so I thought I would throw them together into a "random" post.

This is a common occurrence at our house; Mike surrounded by both his work and personal laptops, and the newest addition to our household, the iPad, in which in this picture, he was watching a basketball game. I find this picture funny though because it looks like Charlotte has her own computer. In due time, I am sure this will be a reality.

Doesn't it look like she is rolling her eyes at him here? The attitude is starting already! I think it is one of the many things her big sister is teaching her.

News Flash! You may not have known, but we have a dog! Unfortunately, after three kids, our sweet Sophie has been knocked down a few notches on the ladder of importance in our household, therefore she hasn't made the blog yet. 

However, she continues to be a great family pet, loved dearly by all of us. She is fantastic with the kids, and even though a bit spunky at times, experienced black lab owners have assured us she will settle down as she gets older (though she is almost five...shouldn't that have happened by now?!?!).

*Charlotte is fighting a cold, which is the reason for the watery eyes and red cheeks. We are praying she gets better soon, as her surgery is scheduled for Monday!

Finally, this afternoon I taught my 82 year-old grandma how to use her new iPad. It was pretty neat. I hope when I am her age I am willing and able to do something so unfamiliar and different with the same confidence and excitement she had today. So, Grams, I hope you figured out how to get here and read Charlotte updates! And if not, keep trying, it gets easier. Thanks for being such a fun, loving, and caring grandma/great-grandma. We love you!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Charlotte is doing awesome and is so adorable. I love the dog pics. I hope she is healthy!

  2. Awww, love the Sophie pics, so cute!


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