Thursday, March 17, 2011

Night Owl

I posted this picture on Facebook, so I apologize for the repeat, but it was too cute not to share it here as well. Mike and I went house-hunting last night, and Missy was kind enough to watch all three of our children (have you ever looked at houses with 3 kids in tow? Counterproductive!). We ended up being out until after eight, and didn't get the kids home until almost nine. Charlotte fell asleep snuggling with Missy, and when we got home, was raring to go after her nap. Mike and I couldn't believe how wide awake and active she was....rolling from one corner of the room to the other, laughing and giggling, and practicing her "crawling moves."

*I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I took them with my cell phone.

She was finally ready for bed just before 11PM. Yikes! She did sleep until 8:45 this morning, when I had to wake her up to leave for preschool drop-off.

And because I am posting cell phone pics, here is a cute one from the other day, her first experience with steamed peas and carrots. She loved them! She has been boycotting baby food vegetables, looks like she just needs the real thing!


  1. She's got the best moves. I love when she does her push up action and gets so excited. I apologize for her nap, but I REALLY loved my snuggle time. ;)

  2. I've been away to long. Needed my Charlotte fix. The pictures are just wonderful and it's a good thing as I was anxiously reading to the end about the valve. Thank God that's over.

    You're doing a great job and Missy and Kate and your parents, and friends. You have a lot of support Emily with your beautiful family.


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