Monday, March 28, 2011

Here we go again...

They took her back about ten minutes ago, a little earlier than expected. Being here, in the family waiting room, is a not so nice reminder of the last time we were here.

Charlotte did really well this morning. She had her first taste of juice because she could only have clear liquids after 6am. She thought it was pretty awesome; I told her not to get used to it!

After we got here they gave her a drug to make her a little woozy, she was pretty funny after that. We met with the surgeon and anesthesiologist and then they took her back.

I will update after the surgery!


  1. Thinking of you and Charlotte! Thank you for updating:)

  2. It will be over soon! Hang in there!

  3. Hello. I stumbled across your blog while looking around online for ideas of how to cover arm/hand bandages for my son. Caleb is having hand surgery on Monday (Nov 18th) to separate two fingers on his right hand. Like your Charlotte, he also has Down syndrome. If you have a chance, please email me. I'd love to talk to you more and get any pointers you might have for us as we prepare for hand surgery/recovery.


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