Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You would think I was a first time mom...

Charlotte has a stuffy nose. She has also been a lousy sleeper for the past week or so. I know she isn't teething and she is still her happy self. She is nursing great and loving her fruits and veggies more each day. All signs point to a simple cold right? I know that, however I can't shake all the things I read, "babies with Down syndrome are prone to respiratory problems" or "babies with Down syndrome have small ear canals and are more likely to have reoccurring ear infections." So, off to the doctor she goes. Mike beat the blizzard tonight and took her in just before the office closed. Ears look great, lungs are clear. My baby just doesn't like to sleep anymore....just like her big sister and brother at that age.

One of the my biggest challenges lately is deciding what is "typical" and what isn't. I am having a hard time accepting, that thus far, Charlotte has been healthy. Besides a little sniffle, we have yet to deal with any other illness. I keep waiting for something to come up. I know I need to relax, and trust my "mom" instincts that worked so well with my older two. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time doing that. I guess, a few extra trips to the pediatrician isn't the end of the world, in exchange for some peace of mind. I also realize that I should be knocking on wood as I write this post...
After her bath tonight...she sure doesn't look sick, does she?

To everyone under a blizzard warning tonight--stay safe. No school tomorrow for the Katherine and Will; we have a day of play dough, painting, and cookie baking planned. Will was thrilled when I told him he could keep his monster jammies on all day. Mike is working from home, using his breaks to clear the driveway!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you took the words right out of my mouth. I started a post on this yesterday and deleted it! Calvin too has been up the past 3 nights and never has AND he has been a bit sick but not anywhere near what I would have worried about with my other 2. But, I too wonder more about him and in a way feel like I don't really know him - that sounds bad I know, but I just don't know what is him and what is Ds...Well, glad to know I'm not alone (in the middle of the night either!).


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