Thursday, February 3, 2011

I can't, but maybe you can?

I can't donate blood again until March, due to required wait times between donations. However, I read in the paper today that there is a huge shortage of blood in the area due to the blizzard on Wednesday. All regular appointments were canceled as well as many blood drives. As of right now the blood center only has a day supply of blood on hand.

They are holding an emergency blood drive tomorrow and are especially look for type O negative donors (the universal donor). The blood drive is from 10AM-4PM at State Fair Park; or you can go to your local Blood Center.

Anyone feel like saving a few lives tomorrow?!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I just made my appointment for tomorrow morning :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    I just caught up on all your blogs, and the many wonderful pics. I loved Charlotte after her bath, and all the snow pictures. Really a fun day it seems.

    About babies with Downs.
    Anne always felt that way about Sam. She didn't know there was a problem, as the girls were fine, but she wanted to be sure everything was ok when she was pregnant so she saw a specialist. He said there was a 50 % chance the baby would have the same disease his brother did--She never considered not having the baby. Just look what we would have missed. Our beautiful boy. Like Charlotte. They bring so much happiness, and teach us things we could have never learned without them.

    Thank you for all the things you make us think about. Thank you for letting us see the children on a daily basis.



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