Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Will looked out the window this morning and said "Look at the blister outside!"

It was quite the blister (blizzard)...I think we ended up with 15-ish inches or so. What did we do while snowed it?!?

Finger painted

Water colors

Mike's make-shift home office (we need a bigger house!)

Charlotte watching all the action

Does she not look 15 in this picture?

We also baked cookies...

and watched movies!

And played in the huge snow drifts!

The kids sank in the drifts.

See the black speck in front of Mike? That's Sophie.

There she is! She had a blast in the snow.

Chillin' inside where it was warm.

Enjoying hot chocolate.

Warming up. 
All in all we had a really good day! Everyone needs a snow day every now and then :-).

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  1. Great photos! Glad you enjoyed the crazy snow day!


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