Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another surgery...

Charlotte had a consult with the plastic surgeon today. It was the first time we have been back to Children's Hospital since her last cardiologist appointment, a week after surgery. I have been dreading going back. The last few months have been blissfully simple. No doctors, no health issues, no worries. This appointment was the first of three appointments we have at Children's in the next three weeks; next week we have a Developmental Follow-up appointment through the Herma Heart Center, and the following week we go to the ENT for a hearing test (though with the way she jumps when her siblings scream or turns her head when we say her name, I am thinking she can hear fine, though what do I know?).

The consult went well today. The surgeon agreed with me that we would only be doing her fingers, as the syntactically on her two toes is so minor we would be doing it only for cosmetic reasons. If we did do her toes, it would add two more hours that she would be under anesthesia and of course another limb that would be casted and out of commission for a few weeks. Her fingers, however, are webbed almost to the top and could eventually effect her gross motor development, as well as her ability to do things like become a famous pianist.

They will call sometime next week to schedule the surgery. She will have to spend the night in the hospital due to her previous cardiac surgery, which I am not excited about, though they will be able to use better narcotics to manage her pain and it gives me an excuse to buy some new spring babylegs. Charlotte will also get to sport a cast for 2 weeks and I am sure Katherine and Will will help to make sure it is well decorated.

Our appointment this morning screwed up her nap schedule, so now she is super over-tired, still getting over a cold, and refusing to sleep. The crazy thing though? As I type this, she is still as happy as can be.


  1. Charlotte can even rock a cast! Hopefully, a bright pink one?

  2. surgery is zero fun! she is so cute and I am jealous I don't get to buy Calvin leggings!

  3. Such a cute photo, glad the consult went well.


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