Thursday, January 27, 2011

My daughter is a rockstar

Charlotte had her evaluation for Birth-3 today. She did a great job of showing off for the PT, EI teacher, and Program coordinator. They were very impressed with her rolling all over the room, and her desire to "push-off" and lunge forward when on her tummy. She also pivots really well; all of these things are great pre-crawling skills. She is getting stronger and close to sitting unassisted. The PT laughed as she observed that Charlotte's loooong torso is probably the only thing holding her back from sitting!

We also talked a bit about her eating. She is getting better, though still likes to spit and push food out with her tongue. They aren't too concerned though, and I really feel like she will get it with practice. We are going to keep an eye on it and call in an OT if we think she isn't improving.

The best part of the whole meeting was watching Charlotte charm her audience. She is so funny; smiles at everyone and was squealing and vocalizing at all the right times. After an hour of showing off, she was beat and ready for a late afternoon nap...something that doesn't happen very often!

We are continuing PT once a month, they didn't find a reason to increase it at this time as she seems to be right on track. The PT thinks she will most likely be sitting soon, and definitely crawling by a year, if not before.

Yes, Charlotte is a rockstar. 

Trying REALLY hard to sit!


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