Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten days!

In ten days we will move into our new house! We are all beyond excited; the past six months have been  quite the adventure. I don't recommend selling a house, moving to a temporary location, and buying a new house with three small children in tow. We could have never done it without the support of our family; we thank you all!

Charlotte is SUPER excited to finally have her own room. Okay, I lied. I am SUPER excited for Charlotte to have her own room! She has been in our room (at first a crib, and then a pack and play because we had to take down the crib when we put our house on the market) since her birth. It is time for this girl to have a room to call her own.

Things are falling into place; we found a house we love, in a school district we are happy with....this makes the last six months of chaos worth it.


Charlotte is not a fan of the heat, but loves the water. The past week has been a bit rough on her, but as long as she can splash around in a baby pool she is good to go. Here is my summer beauty.


Stay cool everyone!


  1. Wow, that would not be easy and I am happy you can get settled before the school yr begins.

  2. I guess the count is down to 5 days until the move. You must be busy busy busy! It is nice to finally "meet" you here.


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