Friday, July 8, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, two girls in the tub.

Charlotte's new favorite activity is bath time. We recently moved her from the baby bathtub to a ring she can sit in. The new apparatus also allows us to bathe her with her siblings, which she absolutely LOVES. Summer in our house means daily baths, as there aren't many nights the kids aren't covered in dirt, sand, and chlorine from the day's adventures.

As soon as we walk into the bathroom, Charlotte starts to squeal and swing her arms in excitement. She immediately pulls herself up on the bathtub and tries her darnest to climb in the tub while the water pours in.

Once in the tub, the smiles and giggles continue for the duration of the bath. The older kids think it is a riot, and watching the two (or three if we are real brave) of them in the tub brings smiles to our faces, even on the days when we are tired and cranky.




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  1. So sweet! Katherine was just telling me the other day how much Charlotte loves baths!


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