Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...well, not really.

I went to my phone to pick a picture to post of Charlotte today, and couldn't decide on just one. I don't have a whole ton of time to blog though, so instead you get a variety of pictures from the past few days.

I took the older three kids to a gymnastics birthday party while Mike stayed home with Jack. All three had a blast. 

Trying a new flatbread from a local gluten-free bakery. (It was super good.)

School drop off. She gets so excited as soon as we drive in the parking lot. Still, even months later, she loves it.

More nap time fun. Yikes. When I came to get her, she look at me and said, "Oh no! What happened? Coins!"

She scored an extra sticker at the pediatrician's office yesterday. I took her in because she has a cold, which usually wouldn't warrant a trip the doc, however, I wanted to make sure all was well with her lungs before surgery tomorrow. Luckily, so far, she sounds okay, despite being super stuffed up!

She charmed the nurses with her typical response to the "What's your name?" question (which, if you recall, is Swim, because even though she knows her name, at one point this summer Katherine & Will laughed hysterically when she answered the above question with "Swim" and months later she continues to give the same every person who asks.). Long story short, one of the nurses tried to offer her a sticker in exchange for Charlotte answering the question with the correct response; it didn't happen, and Charlotte still got the extra sticker ;-).

Off to make dinner, and do laundry, and pack a bag for tomorrow, and straighten up the house, and I have to work tonight....never-ending fun! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Surgery isn't scheduled until 2:45PM, so we have the fun task of trying to explain to Charlotte why she can't eat all day :-(.

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