Thursday, February 27, 2014


After starving Charlotte all day (which she was not happy about), we got to the hospital for her tonsil/adenoids surgery and the anesthesiologist determined she was too congested to go through with it. While we know it is the right decision, we were a bit annoyed that when I asked on Monday to reschedule because she was getting a cold (and all the other illness in our house with the other kids), the nurse acted like I was crazy, and said as long as she didn't have a fever they would still do it. All it took was for the anesthesiologist to look at her health history and her runny nose, and said even without a fever, he wouldn't advise it.

Soooo....we will reschedule. I don't know the date yet, most likely a few weeks from now. I am hoping the weather will be a bit warmer and the chance of her (or any of her sibs!) being sick will be lessened. 

Our day in pictures:

"What?! You want me to eat this for breakfast? I want 'uffins!"
Trying to distract her from hunger pains with new bath toys. 
"So...why are we here?"
"Finally! I get to eat!"
Thanks for thinking of us today, I will keep you updated! 

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