Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tonsils, Adenoids, and Tubes. Oh My!

We knew it was coming, but still are dreading it. This Thursday Charlotte goes in for her first surgery since infancy, to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, as well possibly come home with a set of ear tubes. The surgery is short (45 minutes), but the recovery is what everyone I have talked to says I need to prepare myself for. Most moms who have kiddos go through both heart surgery and tonsil removal, say that recovery from a tonsillectomy is much harder. Crazy, huh?

But, Charlotte is one tough cookie. She has been through a lot, and her high pain tolerance and ability to roll with whatever comes at her always amazes me. I am hoping that even though we are preparing for a brutal 7-10 day recovery, it ends up being better than we expect. Her health history earns her an overnight stay after surgery, which is some ways is nice as they can better manage her pain and fluid intake.

It is our hope that without her tonsils and adenoids, her sleep will improve (her snoring sounds like a freight train!), and the fluid that sits in her ears at times will disappear. Luckily she has been healthy other than a few colds (no ear infections, sinus infections, etc), and we were given the option of waiting to do this surgery for when she was older, however, we would like to do it before she is in school full time. Plus, I am thinking recovery at 3 will be easier than 6...maybe?!

We will be stocking up on popsicles and ice cream this week, and thankfully they just released another season of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (C's new fave) to Amazon Prime.

Advice from those who have been there done that?

Positive thoughts for a seamless surgery and speedy recovery are appreciated. Updates to come. 


  1. My advice is don't leave the hospital unless she really is drinking enough. We had to be readmitted for dehydration 24 hours later. Cora's recovery was very rough, but was complicated by the development of aspiration pneumonia (which is really really rare complication.) but yes, it's long and painful, and expecting more like a 10-14 day recovery is probably realistic, at least to get back to eating and drinking normally. That said, some kids do better than others. But expecting lots of cuddles, very regular dosages of pain medication and some weight loss is probably typical. I will be keeping her and you in our thoughts! As hard as it was for Cora and us, it did help with her apnea and gradually improved her sleep. So it can often be a very good thing, even if it's a rough recovery.

    1. Thank you, Leah! I was hoping you would respond, I remember reading about Cora's experience :( . Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. 5th day is hardest for some reason, and drinking from a straw easier and less painful than swallowing from a cup. Ears hurt after tonsils surgery.No acid foods such as orange juice or orange pop cycles. Cold applesauce and other crushed or blended fruits was good, such as fruit smoothy with a straw. I had my tonsils out as an adult...


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