Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer fun.

And to think, it has only just begun. Love summer.

 photo 140FE479-FE84-4790-86F5-F70B98BE1B1C-54548-00000D6CDC46DABF_zps8d5bad8b.jpg

 photo B217565B-A079-4F8B-86E1-9A5845D2E170-54548-00000D6CFA3DE7E6_zpsdc6a4ed1.jpg
(first smiles!)

 photo A507EE50-A149-462E-AF66-C7C68B1D3B85-54548-00000D6D1D6A9785_zps996a4854.jpg
You think someone is looking for attention? Meet my "nuk thief" is fun to find all the places she hides them. 

 photo 855CB9A8-A4B3-43BD-BEEB-38DFE6E890E7-54548-00000D6D31C02473_zps5565edb2.jpg

 photo F70EBD5B-8145-445A-8682-87AD3821D4F6-54548-00000D6D45A282E4_zps2adfe846.jpg

 photo 99F67DC3-D7FD-48FA-B98E-685641A53830-54548-00000D6D4FB32D39_zps94031d11.jpg

 photo 63F4151A-D802-4975-ABE6-E3C45C4AFCC0-54548-00000D6D60C1D0A3_zpsf80adec2.jpg

 photo D611DC96-2A14-40AA-A0AE-4E5C9161FDDC-54548-00000D6E86E6CF48_zpsfaac7c3f.jpg

Things are busy, as usual. If you can, follow me on instagram to get your Charlotte fix in between my scarce updates! Instagram name: EKC80

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  1. Oh my goodness! Charlotte's faces are slaying me! The first one is hw4ilarious. The NUK thief is preciousness defined and reminds me a little of the sweet expression Cora gets when she puts a pacifier in her mouth. So nice to see that baby too. What eyes!


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