Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring break fun.

It is super cold still in the upper midwest. In fact, we still had snow on the ground during much of this spring break. It made doing fun, outdoor activities a bit tougher this year, but we powered through. We did hit the zoo one day, and even though it was a bit chilly, the kids had a good time. One more day until school starts up again for the older two! Hoping for spring weather in the near future; I can no longer zip my winter coat thanks to my expanding belly and my growing feet would love to slip into a pair of flip flops.....

 photo 43A68DCD-7E5C-4E37-9055-3F5D2E873DF2-9276-00000229C7953668_zpsafd4fa6c.jpg

 photo 89C04B2A-6DAB-4719-947F-5BA3943DFE1C-9276-00000229B0F3ED0F_zpsc983111c.jpg

 photo 0DE2A4A4-4A7C-40C8-A4C0-AC34531C822E-9276-00000229DB92E4DB_zpsf33848c2.jpg

 photo 392EA01F-B4A3-4635-947B-67159E28374A-9276-0000022980DBD616_zpseaa07385.jpg

 photo 8885DCF6-B897-44EE-8846-2AC690152F34-9276-00000229A027FAEF_zps5f916650.jpg

 photo 74835375-F0EE-498F-9D3F-D63DA9930C99-9276-0000022991531807_zps0ae8fd99.jpg

Happy spring....I think?!

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