Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Help Charlotte.

I read a lot of blogs. More specifically, I read a lot of blogs about children who have Down syndrome. In the blogging world, there is always a lot of talk about international adoptions of children with Down syndrome. You see, in many countries,  kids born with 47 chromosomes are put in orphanages and abandoned by their families. After a few years in an orphanage, if these children are not adopted, they are moved to adult mental institutions where conditions are so bad, that many die within a few years of transfer.

Horrific. Tragic. Sad.

Many of my blogging buddies have come together over the past few days to raise money to bring one particular child home. This child's name? Charlotte. In just two days, over $6000 has been raised. However, adoption ain't cheap my friends, and they need more help. I know there are many good causes out there. I know there are many children who need to be adopted. I know there are lots of things you could do with that extra five or ten bucks in your pocket. Do me a favor? Take just a couple minutes and visit Patty's blog, an awesome advocate for orphans. And if you have a few more minutes, go and visit Charlotte's mommy's blog.

I gotta say, this gorgeous girl has a beautiful name, though I am a bit biased ;-). Let's help bring her home.

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