Monday, February 20, 2012

Gearing up.

Tomorrow Charlotte and I head to Children's for her developmental follow-up appointment at the heart center. I hate these appointments. Three therapists and a developmental pediatrician will sit before me and tell me my child with a developmental disability is delayed (to which I really want to say "no s***!"). They will list a bunch of things that I can do to help her with these delays (because what we currently do is never enough?!). They will probably tell me she needs more therapy (yes, three hours a week isn't enough, lets see where else we can fit it in our schedule). I will leave there with an index card with their recommendations, another card with an appointment reminder for 6 months from now, and a heavy heart.

I have been through a couple of these, and I have to say, they have gotten easier. I have been working on developing a tough skin, and not letting these things effect me like they used to. I know my child is amazing. I know my child will hit her milestones when she is good and ready. I know in the game of life if she walks at 18 months or 2 years, it really doesn't matter. I know she is going to talk someday, and when she starts, I probably won't be able to shut her up!

So, tomorrow, I will tell them every amazing thing Charlotte has accomplished during the past six months, and try not to be knocked down by their assessment results. Because, really, what the heck does it matter?!?

And tonight, I concentrate on, not what she can't do at 20 months, but rather what she can.

Charlotte can:
 -Take 10-12 independent steps.
-Initiate 6 signs, needs a verbal prompt for a handful more, and imitates just about whatever I ask her to.
-Has one official spoken word, "sit." She learned that one from the repeated reminders for her to sit when she is standing on the fireplace or on her chair.
-Is learning how to eat with a spoon/fork and doing a fantastic job.
-Climb. Stairs/Fireplace/Tables/Chairs....the girl is a monkey.
-Charm others. She has this coy little look that reels in strangers, and makes those around her smile.
-Carry on a conversation in her own language. I think only Sam really knows what she is saying though.
-Read book after book and not get bored. By herself, or sitting in someone's lap, it doesn't matter. She loves to read.
-Completely fold in half while throwing a temper tantrum. She doesn't like it when she doesn't get her way. 
-Give a hug that makes even the worst day seem better. She melts into you and won't let go for as long as you are willing to hold her.

She is amazing. I know it, you know it. Screw the doctors, what do they know?



  1. She is absolutely amazing! Some of these things that she CAN do are so much more important than the developmental "milestones" the charts list.

    Her hugs make my entire day and I love that she and Sam chat together!

  2. I don't think she's delayed at all! I think it sounds like she is absolutely AMAZING!!! And adorable too! Doctors don't know everything...and usually they miss the most important things...the human side of things!


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